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dark dojo (skullosus)

In a different universe, in another dimension, an evil skeleton known as Skullosus rules over a planet once inhabited by humans. The skeletons, or skelleatuns as they are known in this dimension, invaded the planet, and now all that's left that is human are a small bunch of freedom fighters trying to destroy this alien scourge. Will Skullosus reign supreme for evermore? Or will the freedom fighters reclaim their planet?

Play with the epic dark dojo! Enter the weapon-filled archway, meditate in the special area that comes with and incense stick, or take the obstacle course to reclaim the golden katana! With 5 minifigures and 14 weapons, this is an awesome set!

These are the figures. From the left we have: epic skele-sensei, then skele-sensei, then skeleton sensei, then skele-ninja, and finally, the vanishing skele-ninja. All senseis have a super staff containin the new version of skullosus' army's emblem. It can now also be a vial of venom that can kill in minutes. The sensei ranks are depicted by their hats. The senseis have the original army emblem on their backs. The first ninja has a vial of venom of venom which acts as his emblem and weapon. The final ninja can vanish, so his legs and hands are disappearing. You may notice the vanishing ninja's arms are a bit different. This is because these types of arms have a clear variant. If this became a lego set, the body and hood could be made to have clear variants, and they would be used instead. This ninja's weapon is the powerful VENOM SAW! It has a grey bottom and its main body is a transparent red chainsaw, which is attached to 2 vials of venom. Like the first ninja, these are his emblem.

This is a picture of the meditation chamber. It has a mat, a large incense stick, and 2 bits of fire.

This is the entrance. It is attached to 6 weapons which are: 2 nunchucks, 2 katanas, an ice axe-spear and a stick of fire.

This is the obstacle course. You cannot see it, but it starts at the jump pad (you can see this in the last picture). You jump up onto the bridge, walk across the flat beam (I decided to make this flat to make an added challenge. Sorry if you would rather have it with studs so you can pose your minifigures), and get one of the 3 weapons: a golden katana, a gold spesr or a spear.

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