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The Printery


Welcome to The Printery!

Head journalist uses the workspace upstairs to research, write articles and report using her wits and typewriter. Her trade is information which she has to seek regularly outside of the premises. She uses the cart for both gathering and distributing information. 

The printer uses the information given to him by the head journalist to assemble plates using the various trays of type. This forms the raised negative image of the final newspaper. He inserts the finished plate into the press, inks up his rollers and uses the mechanics of the press to transfer the ink to paper. 

Manning the steamer through a slide door is the technician for the press. His job is to ensure the press operates with minimal disruption. This involves stoking the coal fire under the boiler, maintaining boiler pressure, lubricating machinery and repair work.  


  • Boiler room
  • Printing press
  • Cleaning station
  • Loading dock
  • Type drawers
  • Work benches
  • Typewriter
  • Steam driven cart


  1. Front door
  2. Slide door
  3. Garage door
  4. Hinged walls


As this building has windows on all sides it can easily stand alone or fit into a city streetscape with roads to the front and rear. The significant use of glass was to allow natural lighting into the building; important in the editing process for the newspaper. 1228 bricks including minifigures. 

Hope you liked the tour and thanks for reading :D

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