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Detective Comics Batman: Basil Carlo's Revenge On The Dark Knight


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Before Basil Carlo becoming The Ultimate Clayface, he was an actor who was driven mad when he learned of remake of his classic horror film-The Terror,even though he was to be one of the advising staff.Then he put on the mask of ,,Clayface'' and became criminal,bu he was stopped by Batman.Much later he wants to take revenge on the dark knight abducting the famous actress Julie Madison.Will Batman save her ?

In this project the minifigures are: Batman (original suit) with batarang,Basil Carlo (Clayface suit) with knife,Julie Madison- with two faces happy and scared, Sleeping Citizen (with mantle who served as a blanket) and two bats.

The sets are roof of a building and tower.

In the building there is a room for the citizen and there are gargoyles on the roof.

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