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Workshop Play Set


Hey there,

i want to present you my machine shop play set. I work as a mechanical engineer and thought building a model of my workplace is a cool idea.

The workshop consists of

  • an office for the instructor,
  • an anvil,
  • a workbench,
  • a cabinet for the material,
  • a die carriage,
  • a big saw,
  • a standing drill,
  • a storeroom and
  • 5 LEGO Figures, including the instructor

I chose not to surround the workshop with side walls so all parts are easy to reach. The doors of the cabinet can be opened by sliding them to the side. 


This set would be for kids aged ~ 7-14. It would cost ~ 40€. If i imagine kids playing with this set, i see them crafting, working with the machines and getting a first impression of what a mechanical engineer is doing.


Thank you for support :)

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