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Antique Shop


Hi everyone !

Have you ever had the chance to bid in a real antique shop ? I had the chance to do so, and more than once :)
What a pleasure to buy a vintage gaz station sign, or a vintage action figure still mint in its original packaging, or an old telephone :)

I have so many ideas of items that come in my mind when I think of an antique shop: antique weapons, vintage toys, jewelry, pirate stuff, swords, shields, thrones, chairs, antique pocket watches, and of course, gold ! I made sure to add as many details as possible. And my favorite part of this diorama: the vintage LEGO brick (a real vintage one) protected in a locked glass display :) :) :) 

If you love antique shops and vintage items as much as I do, please hit the blue SUPPORT button, and if we are lucky enough, we'll reach the 10,000 supporters needed and maybe see this Antique Shop get an official LEGO IDEAS set :) 

Thank you very much for your time and consideration,