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Creative Agency (Modular)


Why a creative agency?

Basically I'm a web designer and developer and a huge Lego fan. I've always wanted to build something related to my work and this is how I choose to build the modular creative agency building. This is my idea of a small office for a creative agency in the center of Sofia, Bulgaria where I'm from.


The name of the company/ creative agency is The Master Builders. What is a better name for a creative agency made out of Lego bricks?


Let's look at the building floor by floor:

1. First floor - the first floor is mostly the reception, where the company has placed a desk for the receptioninst, refreshments for the waiting clients, such as vending machine, water dispenser and coffe machine. There is also a printer and few cabinets for the office supplies. On the other side of the room we have a sofa and coffee table, next to it is a colorfully decorated wall, which represents the company's creative vision. Air conditioning as well, with in and outer body. Next to the vending machine is the door for the bathroom. The bathroom wall can be easily removed for better and clear view of the room.

The last thing that we have is the server racks, which are situated below the stairs for the second floor. Both servers can be removed, if something happens with them :)

Coffee shop - also located on the 1st floor is the small coffee & pie shop. The place is really small and it offers only cherry pies and cookies, but believe me when I say this - these are the best cookies and cherry pies out there!


2. Second floor - this is where the real magic happens and where our heroes build websites, advertising campaigns, SEO, copywriting and many more. Right after you step on the second floor you will see an Andy Warhol type of painting. Next to it is the boss' office. It's a simple place with few awards on the wall, desk with computer, small sofa and nice designer lamp. On the second floor you will find also the main working area of all other company workers - 4 desks with computers and place to design the products. Few shelves are decorating the wall of this space as well. There is a conference room as well, where most of the meetings with the clients are taking place - table, white board and few chairs is the furniture there. The last thing that the second floor has is a narrow balcony facing the street. Air conditioning as well.


3. Third floor/ baclony - the last floor is basically a big balcony, but with lot of activities. We have a kitchen/ cooking area with BBQ and nice glass table with 4 chairs. Few flowers for decoration, next to the nice jacuzzi, for all those hot summer days. One chaise longue, big sofa and a small one, located next to the fireplace. Perfect place to relax after a big day.

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