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Grey Skull Frigate


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 I’ve been collecting LEGO sets and mini figures for about 25 years now. My dream is to participate in their creation. Maybe many fans wish the same. I present my dream project.  Please read the following, support, share and spread the word.

History  Long ago, more than 25 years ago which means in the previous century and even in the previous millennium LEGO pirates began sailing the seas. It has been the most popular series for 10 years until the LEGO Star Wars began. Even after that the pirates were relaunched in 2004, 2009 and 2014 to mark the series’ jubilees. I hope this creation will become a LEGO set till the next jubilee.

My favorites  Lego pirates is my favorite series, that’s why I created my own version of a ship with 3 masts and 10 guns. I understand it’s a beginning, a concept which can evolve thanks to your advice and become a set on shelves. My ship needs to be longer. If LEGO designers  add hull sections to make a ship longer it would give more spacing between masts which will really give it a better look. LEGO always gives twice as less guns as gun ports. I improved that as many fans like it. My ship is based on a combination of Skull’s Eye Schooner 6285 (1993) and Emperor’s Ship 7416 (2003). All my gun ports are classic pirate flags.

The main idea  The Pirates series once included lots of ships but none had 3 masts. I used mostly big LEGO bricks to make it medium difficult to build. Besides people of all ages love pirate ships, children, men and women alike, all over the world. It can cost less than $200. The deck is removable and there is a large cannon deck. The set includes only 2 mini figures – the captain (series 14) and a classic pirate monkey in a crow’s nest because I’d like to know what mini figures my fans would like in his crew. I gave white epaulets to the captain because they were the most rare before 2014 and historically meant the highest rank, golden for officers and red or blue for privates. Comments, criticism and suggestions are welcome.  But for it to appear on the horizon in the endless sea of LEGO sets it needs 10000 supporters. Please feel free to comment for me to know which aspects you’d like to see in the updates.

 There are additional weapons. I think many LEGO fans don’t like it that some sets often have fewer weapons than mini figures. There is a crane for treasure chests on a mast. It rotates and can move up and down. These things increase playability and help your fantasy to create plenty of stories. Designing sails LEGO teams often use Lego skulls and bones. I like that idea very much. But in my project the sails are red and skulls black as in Queen Ann’s Revenge (4195). The deck and captain’s cabin are removable and you can easily look inside and hide treasure there. All the masts have shrouds to get to crows’ nests. I always try to be attentive to such details.

Interesting details: I used Ursula a Disney mini figure 2016 as a bow figure. And the black dragon wing is used as a wheel. The bowsprit with a triangle sail moves to the right and left. It was easy to do and added realism. I think the more realistic a toy is the more educational it can be for a child. Jack pumpkin head is its lantern. The black Knights halberd is its decoration. You can easily look inside the captain’s cabin from the stern. The captain’s cabin has doors to the deck and to the stern.

 I tried to represent a quarter of a century of LEGO ships in one single project. I hope LEGO fans and your team will like it to become a LEGO ideas project.

As I know LEGO group issues pirates sailing boats every 5 years. So if my project becomes your official set to celebrate 30 years of LEGO pirates it would be great to include a nostalgic booklet with pictures of all pirate ships ever issued. It would make the set more collectible. I had that idea after seeing 5003082 a promotional pirates set. According to the House Rules I suggest what LEFO had done before. The booklet can be a part of your building instructions.  I hope you like the idea.

 With best regards, Staslegomaster

 I think this set would definitely fit into the LEGO pirates collection. So keep supporting this project and we'll be able to make it into an official LEGO set.  And pirates admiral will sail to your collection on his 3 masts ship.But don't forget to share Grey Skull Frigate with your friends too via Facebook, Google+ and Twitter!

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