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Stranded ~ The Island, The Danger, The Bricks


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Lego Stranded!

(the following account is completely fictional and is not meant in any way to reference any true historical event)

~ August 3rd, 2011

It's a dark and stormy night, the S.S Wave Breaker breaches over the high waves. Lightning flashes in a distance, thunder rattles my cabin. The ship rocks and tilts. All of a sudden an enormous groan erupts throughout the boat. I run up to the captain's cockpit just in time to see one of the cargo crates snap out of its safety restraints and slide off into the stormy Atlantic. My eyes grow big, the ship rises, faster and faster, the front end raising out of the ocean. Metal grinds together, CRAAAACCKKKKK!, thunder rolls, and as if on cue, the boat begins to snap in half. Then i see it, the mass of water crashing on to the boat. I race for the exit, but I slip, and I...

~ August 3rd, 2015

4 years ago my private fishing vessel, the S.S Wave Breaker sank, it was a record storm, the largest typhoon to ever develop... No search parties have ever found me, but I can't blame them, I have no idea where I am. When the ship went down I rushed for the life boats. I dove into the raft. Water washed over the boat, sinking it in minutes, but the storm ravaged on, as if it wasn't satisfied. Debris flew around in the stormy wind, and finally, one hit its mark, at the base of my neck. I was knocked out cold, I don't know how long I was out, or how I managed to stay in the raft throughout the storm, but when I woke up, I was here. Sadly, I don't know where here is...

This creation was built to capture the idea of a man stranded on an island after a ship wreck.

Set #1 features the "home base." It comes with a tent, a raft (a wrench and flare gun inside), a wood rack, a skeleton, some debris (suitcase, wooden board, stud, etc.), a tree (with a tree tap [thats the bucket] and an apple), and a waterfall. The minifigure is holding a map, a knife, and has on a satchel.


The idea comes from many films and novels of adventurers, but this time captured in the form of lego bricks.

Reasons this should be a set:

  1. Lego currently has no "theme" featuring a stranded or survival situation
  2. Many movies featuring this classic idea have been extremely successful (i.e. Castaway™)
  3. The simple concept allows the average builder to add on, re-arrange, or rebuild this set
  4. Overall the set immerses you in the adventerous spirit (and maybe the building one too!)


Please help this gain support, I am currently working on more ideas and sets!

I really enjoyed building this, and I believe if it becomes a set, you will too. Enjoy :)

[I will continue to post updates and revisions when nescessary, Thank You]

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