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Mountain Men Cabin



With this set you can now live in the wilderness with this cosy cabin, take to the skys in Marty's plane and trek deeper into the unknown with Rich's truck Wilbur. Be careful though, a black bear is in the area and it's dangerous.

This set comes with 8 mountain men

  • Tom
  • Rich
  • Eustace
  • Preston 
  • Morgan
  • Charlie
  • Marty
  • Kyle

This set also comes with 

  • Marty's plane
  • Rich's jeep( Wilbur )
  • A black bear
  • A skunk (to trap)
  • 2 Horses with saddles
  • A foal
  • A mountain men cabin with a little woodshed out the back

This set comes with 1252 bricks and is not that hard to build. The cabin opes up to reveal a cosy 4 rooms, a kitchen, hide room, bedroom and a storage attic. 

If this were to become a set I would ask for a lightning sticker for the plane and printing for each of tha mountain men and the horses.



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