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Lego TechShifters

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The techshifters are a world manipulating team of adventurers setting out to save the galaxy from the Gargratians.

The TechShifters were originally a team dedicated to making all-new machinery and gadgets (although they always dreamed of the stars). They were all primary school friends to start with, and with masses of levels way above their targets each year, they were sent to university early at the age of 14.At the age of 31 when they finally devised how to bring all their famous tools into one, they got to work straight away, the project took them MONTHS to finish, but when they finally did it they set about finding or making a Spaceship. not long after they found a ship, an unknown species (now known as the Gargratians) attacked earth forcing them as quarter trained guardians to protect the planet. ever since they have been searching the galaxy for the Gargratians. They knew what to do.

New Set: The Tech Shifters Spaceship! (10:40 24.8.2013) check bottom for details.
Visit the flickr page for picture updates on sets.

The Portal-man



And the Tweaker as shown on the title cover.

The Starter Set includes:
Tweaker Minifigure Type A
Portal-Man Minifigure Type A x 2 (for effect)
Warrior Minifigure Type A
Builder Minifigure Type A
1x2 white brick x 6
1x2 green brick x 6
1x2 transparent green brick x 6
2 Portals
Tweakable Ramp
Tweakable Platform
note for ramp and platform, white tansparent means not being tweaked and red transparent means well, being tweaked.
Tweak rod
Portal rod
Build rod
Lightblade rod

Episode 1 Set includes:
Gargratian Commander bot with weak spots
Tweaker Minifigure Type A
Portal-Man Minifigure Type A
Warrior Minifigure Type A
Builder Minifigure Type A
Tweak rod
Portal rod
Build rod
Lightblade rod

Tech Shifter space ship set includes:
Tweaker Minifigure Type B
Portal-Man Minifigure Type B
Warrior Minifigure Type B
Builder Minifigure Type B
Buildable TechShifters ship
with hull and cockpit capable of storing the team.

Supporter bonuses:
500= new characters
1,000= 2 new episodes
2,000= add tech function for New character 1
2,500=add tech function for New character 2
5,000=message from cussoo and downloadable posters
5,500= dedicated facebook page
6,000= Techshifeters platformer board game
8,000= Sneak peeks at the secret model.
9,000= secret model revealed.
10,000= review stage! this means this could become a lego set! Plus all LDD Sets Will be downloadable! (even the prototypes!)

  • futuristic
  • adventure
  • sci-fi
  • building
  • fighting
  • defending
  • editing
  • portaling
  • board game
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