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Modular Bakery


This bakery is built to be compatible with other modular builds but at a quarter the size of a standard base plate. I wanted to create something that was small and compact, but also detailed. It was important for me to make sure the model flowed with the other modular sets and so I left little to no studs showing to create a smooth finish. 

It is inspired by many European styled bakeries, which often incorporate stone work with other types of modern materials to create an artisan look and feel. Windows give views inside the bakery, and an easily removable roof allows for easy access to play inside.

There are a little over 500 pieces and space for mini-figures to occupy. I believe this modular bakery would appeal to TFOL's and AFOL's as it is more for display than playing with. 

Thank you for taking the time to read over this, I believe this could be a great addition to any LEGO lovers collection and would fit seamlessly with other LEGO modulars.

Thank you in advance for the support.








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