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The Castle Ruin

The Castle Ruin is made up out of about 500 to 800 elements, with the colors of light gray, dark gray, sand green, brown, and a few others. It has six minifigures, which are three knights, and three orcs. It took me several hours to build, take pictures of, and enter.

Three orcs ride in, under the cover of darkness, while the knights sit, unaware of their presence. They orcs prepare to exit their boat and attack the men, and hopefully take back the castle ruins. The men notice what is happening at the last second, and notch their arrows, prepared for the battle. When the orcs come, swords collide.

The interior of this build is rather unexciting, as there is little detail and it is mostly just light gray tiles, but the exterior is much more fun to look at. I built it with quite a bit of texture, or at least more than I normally do, and more creative techniques. The sand green gives the feel of a ruin, along with missing pieces of wall where it feels like there should be some. 

It was extremely fun to build the bridge, as I attempted a building technique I have never used before, connecting the 1/2 and the 1/3 brick in the front. What was certainly the funnest thing to build was the tower. I built it using a technique I figured out myself, and I used enough texture pieces that I think it is by far the coolest part of the build. If you noticed, the tower on the right is the Castle Tower product idea I entered, but did not do well.

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