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The Lost Temple


More Details Inside

Here is another update that I hope will make the Lost Temple even better.

There is now various treasure scattered inside including coins and cups. Also there is rocks dotting the floor giving the appearance that it used to be a completely stone floor, but it broke up. 


Also I added two statues on each side of the gold crystal, which is called the Nugget of Doom. the back story behind that is that the ancient civilization of Inctecs thought that the nugget brought doom to to anyone it came in contact with. So they put the nugget in a temple and protected it with booby traps so that nobody could get to it. Eventually the civilization died out and the temple was forgotten, until Ben Carter picked up the trail. By the way, Inctecs is a combination of Incas and an Aztecs.

If there is anything else that you think might make this better, please comment. And don't forget to support. Thanks!


40 Supporters!

I can't believe my project has 40 supporters already! Special thanks to anyone who supported!


Anyway, here is my first update. I added a limb to the brick built tree out in front, 



and I redesigned the exploding floor mechanism to make it work better.

If you can think of anything that might make this set better, please tell me. I appreciate criticism as long as it's not mean. Thanks!