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Pete's Dragon


This is my model of Pete's Dragon from the 1977 Disney film.  It is a live-action movie, but Elliot (the dragon) is animated.  The story revolves around Pete, a young boy who escapes from his cruel adoptive parents with his guardian dragon, Elliot.  They then travel to Passamaquoddy, Maine, and there they live with Lampie, who keeps a lighthouse with his daughter, Nora.  Dr. Terminus, a con artist posing as a doctor, becomes fascinated with Elliot and begins to plot in order to get his hands on him.  He and his henchman, Hoagie, then try to lure Pete and Elliot into a trap.  But alas, Elliot and Pete are able to thwart Dr. Terminus and Hoagie and save the town.  Unfortunately, Elliot must leave Pete to help other children immediately after this.

This model of Pete's Dragon includes Pete, Lampie, Nora, Dr. Terminus, Hoagie, and Elliot himself.

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