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Phone Stand


This is my phone stand, I made it for holding my phone while working on LEGO projects actually. I recently have been rebuilding old sets of mine and I found that having a YouTube video running in the background helps me to concentrate and I also wanted to be able to use this to actually watch the videos. After a few prototypes made of actual LEGO bricks, I created this. It is adjustable so you can get the angle just right, it has a large base so that it won't fall over, and it is strong enough to hold a phone. I don't know about other phones and cases, but it fits mine perfectly and I'm sure that a simple modification to it would make it usable for all phones. The color scheme needs to be fixed, I didn't worry about looks, I just grabbed pieces I needed and went on, and I'm sure that if this project makes it into the review stage the creators will change it, which is absolutely fine. Anyways, thank you for checking out my phone stand, please support it, and I hope it is able to help you as much as it has helped me.

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