UCS Batmobile 2016

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UCS LEGO Batmobile 2016 

The Batmobile, an iconic Vehicle that was so many Times new invented for the countless Adventures of the Batman in his Comics and also his Movies.
A reliable Vehicle that is packed with lots of technological Innovations and Abilities, ready to drive into the Night of Gotham to chase the Evil.

The Model: 

It is almost one year ago, that I created my own and former UCS Batmobile Project that is counting its last days on LEGO Ideas before getting out of the race.

It was a nice experience to see how the new design works on people and LEGO Lovers and in exchange I earned their feedback, which was very positive.  

This year I saw the trailer for the new LEGO Batman Movie 2017 and was inspired to recreate the Batmobile I made and to see what can I upgrade, make better and optimize.  

The Result is something that I am really proud of and so I present you the new UCS LEGO Batmobile 2016 Project for LEGO Ideas. 

As in my early project mentioned, this Model is a Tribute to the designer and makers of the LEGO 7784 Model, the model that I most love from LEGO and which is in my opinion the best ever!

A true Model Legend!  

What is New?

This Batmobile comes with a totally upgraded Chassis.
It has new Bodyparts like the Sidepods and Front- and Sidecanons.

Working Frontcanons and posable Sidecannons for displaying.

Some parts like the canopy was optimized for a better design without disturbing the eye.

It is more stable around the front because of the parts change at the Frontwheels.  

Totally it looks like one of the Batmobiles of the legendary Comics.  

I created this model as an Collectors Edition and like the 7784 it doesn’t come with Minifigures.  

Please enjoy the Pictures and don’t forget to Support this outstanding Project to reach the 10.000 Goal and get it onto the Shelves.