Product Idea

Ornate Fountain (large)

This my Ornate Courtyard Fountain. My main goal was to create the idea of spraying water throughout the whole piece. It has 4 main levels to it where I used MANY 1x1 round Trans Lt Blue plates as water elements. I also have trans lt blue heads, trans lt blue cones, 1x4x3 windows, 1x4 trans lt blue tiles, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 trans lt blue dishes, and many trans lt blue rods.

I made the central part of the fountain modular so that the upper tiers can be removed easily showing the interior and the sprays that are slightly hidden from view that were done with darker trans blue elements.

I also added the benches and some flowers to the scene but those can be omitted from the scene depending on peoples tastes.

The main focus of the project is the fountain itself. All the green and flowers as well as the fence can be removed and the 32x32 blue baseplate and the elements of the fountain are what's important.

If need be, I can produce more pictures showing only that part if people desire.