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Trophy Truck


Trophy Truck



These truck are designed to go fast off road in 500 – 1000 miles death races. How hard can it be?


This model is intended to be a display collecting toy.

It’s not built minifig – scale, however it can host 2 minifigs and is ready to play with.


Exterior features:

  • Body on frame design;
  • Fluorescent lights;
  • Specially engineered chassis;
  • Shock - deflecting body design;
  • Fluorescent KC light racks;
  • V8 engine under the hood;
  • Bed equipped with radiator vents, spare tire, roll cage and quad pipes exhaust;
  • Off road wheels and tires;
  • Roll cage protections;


Interior features:

  • Two race seats;
  • GPS navigation system for the co – pilot;
  • Sequential gearbox with hydraulic handbrake;
  • Gauges console;


Playability features:

  • Front live axle long – travel suspension system with steering wheels;
  • Rear long – travel semi – independent suspended axle;
  • Removable roof and roll cage for easier access;
  • Removable and usable spare tire;
  • Removable hood for accessing the V8 engine;


Pros and cons:

+          c’mon, it’s a trophy truck!

-           no leather seats;


brick counter and difficulty:

554 bricks, medium – hard building difficulty;



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