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Stockholm Syndrome


This proposed Lego set is based on one of the most beautiful concerts of all time, after the first dates in Europe and the huge success of their new world tour, the Muse, British alternative rock group formed in 1992 in Teignmouth, Devon and composed by Matthew James Bellamy, known as MATT, Dominic James Howard called DOM, and Christopher Tony Wolstenholme, known as Chris) landed at the Olimpico with their "Simulation Theory World Tour". over 136,000 tickets are sold for this concert in Rome alone.

This masterpiece by the band "Simulation Theory" is a concept album whose main focus is the upper hand of machines on men.
The concert focused on a colossal setting, 3D effects, trumpet dancers, a stellar stage made up of LED lights, a giant robot skeleton and inflatable monsters.

This Lego set includes part of the scenography and the show the gigantic skeleton that dominates the whole stage, on the notes of the "Stockholm Syndrome", from which it takes its name.

However, this proposed Lego set could take on any color, given the various nuances of the set's design.

A characteristic of this concert is that it seems that it is experiencing an episode of "Black Mirror", the famous "anthological" series produced by Netflix. And probably the goal (fully achieved).

I hope you can support this idea of mine and share it with all MUSE fans, in order to make it reality thanks to all those who love music and in particular that of MUSE.

Support me in this project. Thanks!!

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