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Avale for Travel V2


After my family had the first version on vacation, we noticed that the structure was not optimal for traveling. Therefore, I have built a new version.

This version can be closed as a box. The seeds can be kept inside the box.

Since the game is a traditional African game that is actually played on the ground, I've tried to build the game with ground-hued colors. In the past, children simply dug holes in the ground and played with seeds. Today, the kids can play this game from Lego.

We will take this game on our next vacation. Then it will show if this version is better for travel. In this version I have omitted the two shells right and left for the points won. This fits more to the original that was originally played in the ground.

Since the rules are very simple, it is very possible to play this game with junger children. In my experience, children from the age of 6 can apply the rules very well. It is not enough for strategies yet, but they can already play the game. For a strategic game, the children should be 8 years or older.

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