Attack of the Laser Horses

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"In the middle of a massive forest, the evil scientist Dr. Qwerty has created his most diabolical scheme yet. He has genetically engineered horses and attached deadly laser guns to their backs. With the horses on a rampage, what is left to stand in Dr. Qwerty's way? A hero perhaps."


This set includes two Laser Horses, two minifigures (Dr. Qwerty and a Civilian), a pine tree, a potion, and a walkie-talkie.


The Laser Horses:

I used the horse molds with articulated legs, so they could have more play potential. The laser can also be positioned five different joints.

The Pine Tree:

A fairly simple build for scenery. I also put some pinecones (brown studs) in the tree for some enchanced detail.

The Minifigures:

The two minifigures in this set are Dr. Qwerty and a generic Civilian to run away from the horses. Dr. Qwerty also has a potion for transforming horses and a walkie-talkie for directing the horses' path of destruction.


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