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Magic: The Gathering: Ugin vs. Nicol Bolas

For my first Lego Ideas submission, I decided to build two of the most iconic Magic: the Gathering characters, Ugin the Spirit Dragon, and Nicol Bolas. I based the Ugin build off of the card Ugin the Spirit Dragon, and Ugin the Ineffable. The Nicol Bolas was based off of Nicol Bolas Dragon God, and Nicol Bolas God Pharaoh. I deviated from traditional lego dragons with these in ways like making the limbs out of ball joints for more flexibility, and placed them on different parts of the torso. The torso was similar to other dragons, but the head I tried to make into more of a triangular shape. I have often hoped for a Lego set based off of MTG, and hope that this becomes the first one. Thank for your interest in my build, and please support.

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