Custom Hot Rod Pickup Truck

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This is my second Cuusoo project. The first one is also a hot rod, which you can see here. That one is a large scale classic American hot rod. My latest design here is a much smaller pickup truck, which I think will appeal to a wider market. My goal was to come up with something that hasn't been done yet and would fit well in the Creator theme. There are, and have been, many vehicles. But no Creator hot rods (to the best of my knowledge). You can see a full, detailed gallery of pictures on my flickr page.

I tried to add as much detail for this scale as possible, which was challenging. But I think I did a reasonably good job. At least, I'm happy with the final result. The V8 engine is quite detailed, with chrome headers, fuel rails, a high rise intake manifold, air scope, and it even has a pulley belt (a Lego rubber band). Functions include opening doors, turning front wheels, tilting bench seat, and adjustable side view mirrors.

I bought a few classic Model Team sets recently and used the wheels/tires from the Ferrari Formula 1 Racing Car (2556) for the rear. I thought these were perfect, because they look like modern drag radials commonly found on hot rods. The front set is a very common combination from my Formula 1 Racer (5540). I think that was the best choice, at least from my Lego collection. I am not aware of a better combination. I would have liked the front tires to be a tad taller and tread that's not so dramatic. I still like the final design. The white wheels gives the appearance of white wall tires. I think red hub caps instead of silver could look nice also, along with a two toned red and white bench seat. But I currently do not have the necessary pieces to try that combo.

The entire design is studless, except for the floor boards. Notice the doors are designed sideways, a "SNOT" (studs not on top) technique. I figured this out on my own, but I'm sure somebody else came up with something very similar, or even the same, before me. The 1x2 hinges and regular construction I started with wouldn't allow for the door to open and close properly. With the sidesways design I could attach "cheese slope" bricks on the end, allowing the door to open and close easily. The geometry also allowed for the whole door opening to be filled in, rather than leaving a gap.

I used long 1x8 tan plates for the bed, which looks very much like the classic wood boards frequently installed on classic pickup trucks. I included a fuel tank, and even a gas cap on the side for easier access. I didn't have a bumper at first, but I think it looks a little better with the extra detail. There is a place for a license plate underneath, which could have a sticker on it. I left out the tailgate on purpose. I think this is the best look, in my opinion.

The interior is nicely detailed. I found these nifty 1x1 round gauges, which look quite nice. I wished they were white at first, which is much more common in real life, but the black fits well. The gear shifter can move, but other than that it's just for looks. It's a bit hard to see here, but the shifter is made out of one of those black Technic balls on a 4L rod. If I could make stickers, I'd make a little 8-ball for it. When I first designed the knob, I used the same minifig skull as my first hot rod. The black and white colors were perfect, but the size was too large. I think a little 8-ball is a great alternative for this scheme.