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Swiatowid Inwestition (Bialoleka, Warsaw, Poland)


Swiatowid Inwestition (oryg. Inwestycja Światowida) is a apartament in Nowodwory (part of Warsaw district - Bialoleka). Building is a one for major construct in Nowodwory.

Światowida is an eleven-storey building, which is erected in Warsaw within the boundaries of Białołęka district, will stand along Książkowa and Światowida streets. It also functions as a residential building Światowida. Construction of the building began in January 2016, and will end in May 2017. The construction of the building is carried out by Jezierski Business Park and its investor is Jezierski Business Park. At 197 meters the Strumykowa 19 Housing Estate is being built, 201 meters away is Światowida Housing Estate, and 275 meters further is the Buczynek Housing Estate.


Personally, I am strongly associated with Nowodwory. I lived there for the first 3 years of my life and studied there for 2.5 years. To this day many times I return there. The district is rapidly developing and urbanizing, even for Warsaw. I decided to give her a tribute by making this MOC.                                                        


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