Minecraft Micro World - Mushroom Biome

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Calling all Minecraft fans!

Hey there! If you have somehow stumbled upon this project, I am welcome to have you aboard! In the game of Minecraft, there is a biome called the mushroom biome. It has full of mushrooms and other things. Since there isn't a set for this yet, I spent my time to build one myself. Anyways, the mushroom biome has mushrooms, red mushrooms and mushroom cows, which is also called a mooshroom. The top picture shows Steve and the two mooshrooms in the mushroom biome. Here are the details of my project...

From here, you can see the mountains, and sand. You can also see the ocean from this view!

In this angle there's a stream, mycelium, and a wooden house...

And finally, when you take the top off of a biome, it reveals a secret cave!
There's water, redstone blocks, lava, and coal ores.

Micro mobs included are Steve, and 2 mooshroom cows. ( Sorry, but I could not make prints for these)

Also, there are hidden blocks of redstone if you look at the pictures carefully.

Thank you for stopping by! Make sure to jam that 'support' button at the top of the screen if you like this project! :)

50 supporters: 2013/12/16