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Baby Husky


Stark Tower is coming Soon!

I'll be submitting a new Stark Tower in the next few days, So keep an eye out loyal followers! :D


700+ supporters!

I'll be submitting a separate project for the german shepherd soon, so make sure to follow!


My "City" at Home

Yes, very Chaotic...

Yes, I've built my own Helicarrier...

Some of my Characters from "Injustice: Lego's Among us" + an upcoming project...

Remember these Guys? Also ED-209, GOTG, and an upcoming project

Tough looking gang here...

Ah, yes...The Avengers minus Scarlet Witch. >:( 

I do not own her Minifig.

And wouldn't Michael Bay just love Optimus Bursting through a building!?

That's all folks, hope you like it!