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Murstentech Motorsport. Home of the MTM Super4.


Welcome to Murstentech Motorsport, 'Denmark's Premier Racing Team'.

Like all great supercar makers, Murstentech found its way by starting in motorsport. This model is the workshop where it all began. Early mornings and long nights were invested here, building high powered prototype track cars, that lead the MTM team to countless victories. With the knowledge and experience they gained from racing, they now develop some of the world's fastest hypercars in thier high-tech Superfactory, but that is a story for another day. Join me inside, and I'll show you where the dream started. If you would like to skip the tour, please scroll down to 'TLDR'.


Reception / Showroom:

As always, when you step inside Reception, you are greeted with a smile from our desk clerk, who is happy to help you with any of your questions. Would you like a complimentary coffee? Oh look, one of our technicians is at the coffee machine. If you would like to have a chat about the Super4, our technicians love to talk about thier work. We have a display model of the Super4 here too, so you can see all the details and craftsmanship up close. If you like, you can take a seat in it, and see how it feels. We cant let you drive the real deal, but we have the next best thing. Our simulator is just here. You're more than welcome to jump in and take a crack at our driver's records. We are limited to only taking small tours through the workshop, but from here anyone can easily see through our viewing windows. Our technicians are constantly working on the Super4, looking for any way to make it even better. I see that you are on the workshop tour today, so lets go for a walk in there, and see what they are up to ..


The first thing you will notice, is how clean and neat our technicians keep the workshop. They believe that success and good workmanship, all start with a tidy and organised workspace. Its one of the many reasons why they are the best. They currently have a Super4 in here for assembly. Each technician has a job to do, and they all work as a team to put the car together. Suspension, Chassis, Aero, Engine, Electronics, and Fabrication, all go on in groups, and the car is designed to be assembled and torn down as quickly as possible. Speaking of design, our equiptment was all built in-house to make everything easier, and get us one step closer to perfection. The vehicle lift, engine gantry and engine stand, were designed and constructed right here in the workshop. The team is super busy, so lets take this tour into the sunshine, and I will show you our vehicle fleet ..


Its one thing to have race cars, but if you cant get them to the track, there is no point right? The trailer is self explanatory, but the towrig is something special. Dont let its compact size fool you. Its actually built on the chassis of an earlier model MTM racecar, and is powered by a detuned late model Super4 engine. Its light weight and massive engine means it can easily tow anything, but also makes it a serious competitor against other four wheel drives. Parked just next to the transporter, is our support truck. This is the teams hub whenever they hit the track. All tuning, repairs and communcations are done through this. The truck was a complete custom build, and the architect who designed our headquarters helped design the truck's body. We nicknamed it the 'Party Brick', because its held many celebrations, and looks very much like the MTM building. But you are really here to see the Super4, arent you? Well here it is. Built on a prototype split-frame chassis, Mono-binded suspension, and powered by a Murstentech supercharged V4, it has the speed and agility to match its serious looks. The aerodynamics leave a little to be desired, but remember it was the 90's, and aero technology has come along way since then.

That concludes our tour of the facility. Thankyou for visiting, and please feel free to stay as long as you like.


TLDR. The main points:

Building features.

  • Built on a 48x48 plate 
  • Interlocking walls
  • Reception 
  • Apparel store 
  • Display racecar/components 
  • Race simulator
  • Coffee machine 
  • Working vehicle lift and gantry 
  • Workbench 
  • Opening toolbox
  • Engine stand

Vehicle features.

  • All vehicles have similar exterior and interior design cues 
  • Truck roof tilts open
  • Towrig uses the same engine as the racecars 
  • Trailer has split folding ramps, and rotating front stabilisers
  • Racecars are modular - Engine and aero can be easily removed and installed
  • Engines can be pinned onto engine stand
  • Engines can be clipped onto gantry

Project contains 2222 pieces. (Somewhat intentional)

When making this project, I kept in mind the idea of being able to play any role that ties in with a motorport team. This project has the ability to cater for all roles from team fans and visitors, through to team driver, support crew, technicians and even management or owner. This project adapts itself to role fluidity, so you can play them all. I also wanted to build a project that takes more than a few hours to build, but isnt too complicated. Another point, was to make it so it can be built, and simply placed somewhere to be displayed in various scenarios.

The project came about when I started tinkering with LDD. Motorsport plays a major part of my real life, so I started designing racecars on the software. Eventually the 'Super4' was designed, and it reminded me of the bizzare protoypes from the 80's and 90's. One idea lead to another, and Murstentech Motorsport was created.

Thankyou for viewing my project. Please support if you like this project, and comment if you want to see the MTM Superfactory.

PS: "Mursten" is the Danish translation for "Brick".


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