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Sled Dogs


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Hey winter fans(Not Me), here is a small set just for you! A cold northern wind is blowing and the mail man is finishing up his route. He has just spent the last two days delivering mail to three small settlements farther up river. He's running along side his dogs and encouraging them on along the last stretch of the frozen waterway. Thinking about a warm fire and a cup of coffee...


This set is partly inspired by an old book called Heroes of the North Shore by e. Ryerson( I have no idea who that is). It's a story about some sled dogs.  The brick count for this set is about seven hundred bricks, though it would probably come with out the three bottom layers, making it about five hundred bricks. I put the bottom layers on to give a idea of the depth of the river and because I think it makes the set feel more real. : ) If you like this idea please Support, and there will be more pics in future updates so be sure to Follow. Feel free to make suggestions for improvements or ideas for future sets.

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