Product Idea

A'Tuin Models

At the time of this writing, Terry Pratchett had died ten days ago, which was about three days before the name meant anything to me beyond the name of the guy who wrote those books that my brother read all the time. When I started reading them, I realized why he read them so much. 

For those who don't know, Terry Pratchett was the author of forty books, all of which take place in a world called Discworld. Discworld is carried on the back of four giant elephants, who stand on the shell of a titanic turtle named A'Tuin. This set contains two different scale models of A'Tuin and Discworld. The larger one consists of one hundred bricks one bricks, ninety-six of which make up A'Tuin and Discworld. The smaller one contains forty bricks, thirty-five of which make up A'Tuin and Discworld. 


  • Two scale models of A'Tuin and Discworld.
  • Larger model is made up of 101 bricks.
  • Smaller model contains 34 bricks.
  • Larger model has poseable fins.
  • Models contain A'Tuin, Discworld, the four elephants, and Cori Celesti