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Space Cruiser

This is a cruiser that has a thruster that is attatched by a Lightsaber blade, and that works amazingly for aesthetic purposes, and practical purposes [Aesthetic purposes, because this vehicle is fusion powered]. It also has a "Brick Yellow" control pannel, and part of two hinge peices as a seat. I used alot of bracket peices for this, mainly because it needed them for this to look like the image I was going for. There is a section in the botton that is made for storing extra fusion cells, incase the fusion cell on the front of the engine runs out of power. The slope peices on either side of the engine are the reverse modules, not guns. The grill plates on the sides are air conditioning units, since this is a spaceship, and space is cold. The doors are like ufo doors, where the walls just fold down and make a walkway for passengers to walk out of the ship. The top of the vehicle is made so that a minifig can get out and back in without much trouble, though you may have to take the back and or top off to get the minifig out. The slope peices under the windsheild are for the wires from the control panel to connect to the engine without straining them. The minifig has a torso from a castle set and gray arms and legs. He also has a classic space helmet with a colorless transparent visor.

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