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Leeli and the Dragon Song - The Wingfeather Saga


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The Wingfeather Saga is a story about: daring adventure, loving characters, mind boggling wonderous creatures, and an epic quest to find the lost Jewels of Anniera!

This is one of my favorite scenes in the book and show. It takes place shortly after the Igiby kids (Janner, Tink, and Leeli) were chased by the horrid fang of Dang Slarb. The kids were desperately trying to run from Slarb when they found themselves on the cliffs of the Dark Sea of Darkness. Janner and Tink were trying to decide what to do, when they heard singing. They turned around to see their little sister Leeli Singing to the sea dragons. Suddenly a massive blue-ish gray sea dragon arose from the dark sea. And communicated with the three kids each in different ways. A moment later their mother Nia and their faithful little dog Nugget came rushing to them. Nia carefully put her hand on her daughters mouth stopping her from singing. The big dragon looked them in the eye and sunk back to in the sea. They when home to there ex-pirate grandfather Podo in there little cottage in Glipwwood. 
I think this would make a Wonderfull Lego set because its really different from other sets and I’m on the younger side of Lego ideas so making this into a real set would show kids that you don’t have to wait till your a grown up to do great things.

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