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Heroica - Bridges of Elsruck


Based upon the old Lego Heroica sets I decided to make my own as they discontinued the theme. I built it using pieces from Castle Fortaan (set 3860) and Waldurk Forest (set 3858) and based it on the Gates of Elsruck, on the Heroica map. This would be a good set as the Lego games theme was discontinued and so you can no longer buy sets like this, and it is also on the smaller side so more people would be able to afford it and then enjoy it.

Story - The Ranger and the Knight are on their way to Castle Fortaan but first they have to go through the gates of Elsruck. Before they reach the gates though they have to cross over 'The Bridges of Elsruck". Spiders run amok across the land and the Bridge Guardian stops people from travelling over the bridges. On their journey they hear the spiders whispering to each other about 'the cup of Elixir'. 

Spiders, an ankle-slicer trap, a werewolf and The Bridge Guardian all stand in the way of the heroes on their new essential task; to claim the cup of elixir before evil monsters get their hands on it...

The Game - The rules are the same as the original games (so as not to confuse anyone) but with my own additions and extras. Roll the dice to move around the board and fight monsters. Collect gold to buy weapons and collect potions to assist you on your journey. Watch out for traps and race to the end to win the game.

Each hero and weapon has it's own unique ability which can be used when the Heroica shield is rolled. 

Knight (hero) - Move up to two spaces and defeat an adjacent monster

Ranger (hero) - Move one space and defeat a monster up to five spaces away in a straight line.

Dagger (weapon) - Defeat the monster and take one gold from the store. (can only be used in battle)

Sword (weapon) - Move one space and defeat an adjacent monster.

Bow (weapon) - Defeat a monster up to five spaces away in a straight line.

Staff (weapon) - Restore up to two health.

Ye old fashioned Flamethrower (weapon) - Frighten any 1 or 2 strength monster away five spaces. (all in the same direction but around a corner is allowed.) I created this weapon

Using these abilities counts as your turn.

Monsters - When you fight a monster it's strength will determine the outcome. A role of four or three will defeat no matter it's strength but a roll of one or two will mean you lose lives equal to it's strength.

The Bridge Guardian - Strength 3          (I created this monster)

Werewolf - Strength 2

Spider - Strength 1

Potions - Potions can be used to assist you during the game. They may be used at any point during the turn but can only be used once. There is only one potion with this set and I created it myself.

Poison Potion - This can be thrown at an monster, of strength 2 or 1, up to three spaces away. It can only be thrown in a straight line and so cannot affect a monster hiding round the corner. If there are three spaces between you and the monster it is out of reach; the monster has to be on the third square away from your hero or closer.

Traps - The only trap included in this set is one I created and is made to stop a fluent run.

The Ankle-Slicer Trap - A deadly blade sticking over the path. Stop on the space before; even if it's the second space and you rolled three. On your next turn roll the dice to see what happens:

Roll Heroica Shield - Jump over the trap, onto the next square but end your move there.

Roll Sword/Three - Destroy the trap and move onto the square it covers.

Roll Skull/Two - Run into the trap. Lose a life and go back one space.

Roll Skull & Sword/One - Destroy trap and move onto the square it covers, but lose one life.

Gold - Collect gold to buy weapons. Each weapon costs three gold to buy but you can only sell it back for two gold. Gold can also be used to bargain with other players, for weapons, potions, lives etc...

Bargaining - This is not officially a rule in the original Heroica games but decided it would make my game more exciting. Players can only bargain on their turn or with other players on that players turn.

Lives - Each hero has four lives to begin with. Their lives can be lost fighting monsters or getting injured by traps. When all four lives are lost the player has to roll the dice (only on their turn) and each number they roll they get that many lives back. They can only get a maximum of four lives back and cannot participate in gameplay until they have all their lives back. When they get all their lives back they have to wait till their next turn to have a go.

Cup of Elixir - The cup is full of the Elixir of Life and is the finishing point of the game. As soon as a hero lands on the square that it is on, they collect it and the game stops. 

Variation - The only slight variation in the game is the helmet. The Bridge Guardian is wearing a helmet that in Castle Fortaan (set 3860) gives the wearer an extra life. In my game neither the Bridge guardian or the hero that defeats him get an extra life.

There are two different versions of the way you play this game:

Race - The first person to reach the cup of elixir is the winner.

Champion - Defeat as many monsters as possible on your way to the cup of elixir. The strength of the monster decides how many points you get and the cup of elixir is also worth two points. The champion is the person with the most points.

Expansion - This set could also be connected to other Heroica sets to make a longer, more enjoyable family game. By removing the tile the elixir is on, you can add another 2x2 tile and connect it to another set. 

I hope you like and support this set as I would love to see something I created in shops and I think other people would enjoy playing it. However do comment if there is something you really like or something that is stopping you from supporting and I will do my best to improve it.








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