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Wembley Stadium (1922)

The "home" of football. Will it ever come home again? The original Wembley Stadium (also known as the Empire Stadium) built in 1922 and finished for the first FA Cup in 1923. Pele called it "the cathedral of football, the capital of football and the heart of football, the beautiful game" and who are we to argue with Pele?

I've created this set to sit alongside Old Trafford and Camp Nou, because, I feel, the two towers of Wembley are the most iconic thing in football. Using 2900 Pieces! WOW!

But let's not forget, with this unique feature you can swap the stadium from football, into it's other most famous event, LIVE AID! So even if you don't like football, you might love music, so display it as one of the most iconic live concerts ever!

Please help this reach its goal, or is that Goooooooooaaaaaaalllllllll.