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1927 Ford Model-T


    This is my lego 1927 Ford Model-T idea. I came up with this idea because today, there are many lego cars of not many are classic cars anymore. I decided to make this model because it is a an important classic car and a big leap in the automobile industry which helped lower the price of cars greatly. Even though not as iconic as the 1908 one, this Model-T is one of the last ever made. I believe this would make a good set because this model appeals to collectors and as a toy as well. This model also makes a great and beautiful display piece. I built this model using LDD and the final result contained 779 pieces.

       Although this model does not contain too many features, here they are. The model has 2 opening doors to access the lovely, striped seat. The seat is integrated to make one giant seat. The trunk also opens to access the cargo space at the back. This model also contains an adjustable steering wheel. Thanks for viewing.

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