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Zorian Battlecruiser.


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  The Zorian Battlecruiser. This is one of the most terrifying sights an enemy can see out in space. Not sure if you can tell, but the antenna all over this thing are guns. That's right, this ship is bristling all over with cannons. There are also the binoculars on the blue studs. Those are high powered plasma weapons. This is the Aurora. The Flagship of the Zorians. Even more powerful than an ordinary Battlecruiser. The Aurora is set on a display stand to show everything. Otherwise I could now have had the guns on the bottom. 

 And, if you were wondering what the big things are at the tips of the wings, they are Rail Guns!! I have always loved Rail Guns. There is the bridge on the top most of the ship, with the green curved plate and the black sticker. Three guns are mounted on there. There is the great Super Weapon in the middle, the 4T2 Annihilator. A MK 2 version. On its first test, the MK 1 over loaded, and blew up. 

  Now, if you have played Star Craft you can tell that this is modeled after a BattleCruiser from that game. Now this is not that accurate, since I was making it out of my head, not even looking at a picture. And I wasn't even trying too hard to make it like one. 

  The second to last picture is the Aurora sized up to a small 1 story Terran Research Facility. Located in Antarctica. I wanted to add that to show you guys how big the Battlecruisers are. The last but not least picture shows the Achilles Class Destroyer sized up as well as I could get it. The Achilles Class Destroyer is one of my other projects. Please check it out too. The 2 large guns on the bottom are Heavy Bombardment Cannons. That Facility would be destroyed in 1 shot of those guns. 

  In a future update I will tell you a little history on the Zorian-Terran War being waged. Just wanted to add this one last thing: this is my favorite project so far. It is also my biggest. Thank you for viewing. Please support and share. :) And if you want check out my other projects.

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