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Warriors Watch


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Behold, The castle of Warriors Watch. It is the home of the Infamous Warriors of old. Their home is here, In the castle of Warriors watch. The minifigures you see here are the last of Warriors Watch. Their clan was destroyed by the Trolls in the Great Troll War. They are sworn to protect Warriors Watch until the end of their days. But In order to make sure that their clan would not fall to the Trolls, They swore to help the King to fight the Trolls to victory. In return, The King helped them rebuild the castle of Warriors Watch, and their life continued. But with the never ending threat from the Trolls, the last of Warriors Watch stand guard, and Warriors Watch Is now an outpost of the King's castle.

I made this set to continue the storyline of the Lego Castle series. This is also an addon to the King's Castle set. I figure this would be a great addition to the Lego Castle series, and many more sets like the Lego Castle series. And I hope that kids and adults around the world would like to play with this so that they can remember the Lego Castle series.