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Godzilla: A King's Return


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The kaiju genre has returned!! With Legendary Godzilla 2014 leading the revival of our beloved giant city stomping monsters, LEGO still seems to be missing out! So after a week of building, I put forth my own Godzilla for consideration. Now he's not as complicated as he looks since he has a very hollow but strong build along with the joints I had to sacrifice  unfortunately to get as close as possible to a flowing organic creature. Please ignore the shabby mecha he's fighting in the main pic since that's just a slap job I threw together whilst I work on actual Kaiju for Godzilla to tango with. 

  • He has a very stable stance due to his REALLY long tail and thick legs.
  • A blue light brick could be fitted into his mouth for "Atomic breath" functions  
  • Alone he is just epic on a bedside table, shelf or workbench....but nowhere too high pleeease. 
  • Stands over 1ft tall and about 2 ft looooong!

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