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Acuatic Towboat 4.0


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This is the acuatic towboat, with 100% of flotation. Its have:

-Space for two dummys

-A big chain for tow boats

-A projectile (1)

-100% flotation

-Space for 4 tools.

-Two accesories of projectile.

Is made of 100%  pieces!

Tall  13cm

Wide  13cm

Length  16cm

Pieces  138

Weight  200g aprox

Save and help the boats in the sea with the acuatic towboat, use the projectile for to remove the rocks in the road and the chain for to pull boats.

Change the accesories of the projectiles (two accesories with two projectiles and a spare)

The images are an example of the product, the colors and pieces can variety.



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