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Dragonslayer's Keep


Welcome to Dragonslayer's Keep, the ancestral home of the mighty Torgaddon. It is many things - a stronghold against evil, a training ground for the mighty (and those who aspire to be), and a resting spot for Torgaddon and his travelling companions between their daring and adventurous monster hunts!

We begin outside the looming citadel in the training grounds, where aspiring knights come to learn from the seasoned veterans of Dragonslayer Torgaddon and his mighty compansions. Aeylen Eagle-Eye is the greatest shot in the land with her enchanted glass bow, and Bolgar the Bold will be found at the forefront of any battle swinging his golden axe. Whether sparring with the combat dummy, taking target practice at the archery range, or getting your horse from the stables for jousting practice - there is plenty to do to train your skills. Don't forget to check if Guard Barnabus is asleep on duty in the crossbow tower!

Inside the keep itself you step into the Dragonslayer’s great room, where all are welcome to join the large feasts and celebrations in front of the roaring fireplace. Look to your right, and you’ll find the legendary armory of Torgaddon, filled with his enchanted weapons – flail, spear, two-handed sword, and battle axe. The armour he wore during the battle with the dragon is on display for all to see, below the head of the mighty beast itself. Suspended by chains it is a fearsome display, but a reminder that good will win the day!

The lower level of the keep is the territory of Master Hans, Torgaddon’s personal chef and the steward of Dragonslayer’s Keep. Here he creates his culinary masterpieces and keeps stock of the castle's stores. Seldom used but tucked behind the kitchen is the guard room, where a prison cell awaits for any of the bandits who cause trouble in the region. It feels drafty in here… could there be a secret passage?

Back upstairs we pass the reading room, where Torgaddon likes to unwind with a good book and flagon of mead in front of a roaring fire before heading upstairs to his private chambers. Upstairs we have his comfy bed used for recovering from his long journeys, his wardrobe of stylish clothes for throwing feasts… and a chamber pot to keep things fresh. The evening breeze is best enjoyed on the balcony overlooking the training ground below. You'll often find the beautiful princess Calia here for the view, enjoying the breeze with her freshly picked wildflowers - it helps her relax after her captivity by the evil Dragon!

If the bandits in the region are getting too aggressive, a lookout can be stationed on the highest level of the keep. Guard Tim doesn't mind the ladders. They’ll never catch the mighty Torgaddon by surprise!

So ends the tour of Dragonslayer’s Keep… don’t forget to enjoy some roast beast, a flagon of mead, and hit support on your way into the countryside! :)

This is a modular castle set that is inspired by two things, namely my love of castles and the modular city sets that are part of the Creator series. I’ve always enjoyed building large structures, and the modular sets combine this large scale of building with fun display and play opportunities. The greater access to the internal components lets you get creative with the interior details, which is one of my favourite parts of building with LEGO bricks.

I beleive this would make a great LEGO set for many reasons. Let's be serious, knights and castles are super cool! I think this set opens up a great number of display and play options for the various mini-figures.  

Total Pieces: 2998

Thanks for reading and happy building!


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