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Transforming Wall-E


This is my design of the Wall-E robot from the popular 2008 movie. I was inspired to create this after seeing how sharp and clean all of its edges were from the movie trailer noting that Lego was a perfect medium recreate it in real life. 

It is a sturdy model that is able to roll on its treads. The chassis is able to slightly rock back and forth from the treads to make the model seem more life-like  Though the treads do not fold into the body, the arms move forward and backward as in the movie as it transforms. The head will also deploy from the chassis by moving the Technic rod downward on its back and setting it upward into the model.

This model is made entirely with Lego and Technic pieces, and i even tried to add specific details like his name that would appear on the front lower lift of the body, the boot and plant, and his friend the cricket as a small added bonus to make the set whole.

This set would be ideal for Lego fans that like robots, are fans of the movie, or models that have intricate moving parts.

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