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Chemistry Lab


In the Chemistry Lab safety and fun come first and that is why this lab features a chemical cabinet with moveable door, a fume hood with vacuum nozzle, safety clothing, safety yellow trim, and colorful bottles and flasks.

In the Chemistry Lab, the chemist can perform experiments in the fume hood or on the open bench using the titration stand with hot plate.  Using imagination, the chemist can adjust the hot plate temperature using the built-in temperature controls.  Removing the titration stand from the hot plate allows the hot plate to fit in the fume hood for more experimental fun.

The chemist can store hazardous and colorful chemicals in the chemical storage cabinet (with functional door) and in the cabinetry below the fume hood.  The swivel chair and instrumentation provide comfort for our hard-working chemist.

In the lab sink, the chemist can clean glassware for next day's play.  

The Chemistry Lab play kit promotes S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) interest in both male and female builders young and old.

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