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A while back I tried this idea and it did not work, so now I'm trying it again, but better.<br><br>    These are playable hand held bugs. You can trade them with friends, play with them, or build your own made up bugs using the pieces in the set.<br>     Small sets would contain one or two bugs for $5.00.  There could also be sets with four bugs for $10.00.  Each set would contain one or more bugs and a slip of paper that tells some stuff about each bug.  Or the bugs could be in mystery packs like the minifighure series.<br><section class="migrated-update"><img src="" data-image-id="262391" data-image-path="migrated/fac/18d/262391/image" data-thumbnail-path="migrated/fac/18d/262391/thumb"><p>Here I have a Stink Bug (red), a Bombardier Beetle (blue), a Beetle (black), a Weevil (black), and a Click Beetle.</p></section><section class="migrated-update"><img src="" data-image-id="262395" data-image-path="migrated/0ff/4ee/262395/image" data-thumbnail-path="migrated/0ff/4ee/262395/thumb"><p>Here I have a Cricket, a Snail, an Ant (ant is one of my favorites), and a Dragonfly.</p></section><section class="migrated-update"><img src="" data-image-id="262396" data-image-path="migrated/94a/6aa/262396/image" data-thumbnail-path="migrated/94a/6aa/262396/thumb"><p>Thank you for checking out my idea.</p></section>
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