Evil Beasts - Cyclops Crane Mecha

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This is Mini MOC is made of 147pcs Technic and Star Wars parts, originally I intended to make something else but it appears to be more like a crane with strong sense of Chinese style, so be it ^_^

When showing this MOC to my wife few weeks ago, she asked:"what's this?", I said:"a crane" ... "emmm ~~~"she said:"such a feeling of evil" .... so you see, it natually became a new member of my Evil beasts serial.

The most impressive pose of this MOC should be standing with one feet, without leaning his body too much, all because of the special new design of feet, which gives nice flexibility to the crane.

Also gave some flexibilities to his wings, as you may see from all above pictures

Above pictures are giving more details of this crane, easy to build, right?

And more details to his feet, hopefully a good sense of mecha too.

Lastly, a Chinese poem for this creation (also my MOC ^&^)
蹲 ...含羞颔首我亦温柔
起 ...双翼初展蓄势待发
飞 ...引吭高歌声震宇寰
站 ...冠绝四海称霸长空

Your support and comments are highly appreciated!

Enjoy LEGO!