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Godzilla Attacks New York!

  1. Godzilla is attacking New York!  Godzilla is a mini fig. I also made a small tank and four people, along with the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and Empire State building as part of a small "New York City".  The Empire State building breaks in half.  I made a small car (by putting a clear 1x1 brick on top of a brown 1x1 brick) that is in the middle of the road.  The four people in the set are: a man and woman (New Yorkers) and a military general and one of his soldiers. The people are each made of three 1x1 bricks.  
  2. The blue base plate beneath the Brooklyn Bridge is supposed to be the harbor.  And there are red 1x1 bricks in the harbor that represent rocks and things.  The Statue of Liberty is also located on this blue base plate for the same reason.  The Statue of Liberty is a blue-green Lego board game person on a brown brick base plate, which represents Staten Island and can hold a board game person.


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