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Jeep Wrangler/CJ Bigfoot


JEEP Wrangler Bigfoot

The Jeep CJ and Wrangler are iconic 4x4 offroad cars with the famous WWII Ford/Willy's GP (jeep) as their ancestor. these cars are very capable, and are often used for rock and mountain climbing. However, there are limits to the power and ground clearance of the standard jeeps, and this is where the bigfoot comes in. It is a highly modified car with huge wheels and a powerful engine. fenders are often taken off for the wheels to fit, and a rollcage is installed.

This is my attempt at building a small scale LEGO version of this car. it uses mostly normal and simple parts, but I have used vintage axles with springs and a modified normal axle for the spare wheel(2nd to last picture).

Tell me if you want more information

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