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Amusement Park Fun House

Who can resist the Fun House at the amusement park or carnival?
This attraction is designed to go with your Lego roller coasters and other rides.
From the front it is made to look like an upside down house. Visitors enter from the side “second story’ porch door.
Inside they will see an upside down room, with a fireplace, breakfast table, and easy chair, with the “ceiling light” on the floor.
On the other side they can wander through a maze.
Up the stairs is a play area with curvy mirrors, monkey bars, a ball pit, and pinball, claw machine, and video games.
To descend they can slide down a fire pole on the inside, or twisty slide outside.
The roof is removable to view and play on the second floor, and that floor is removable to view and play in the first.
I built this because I am an amusement park fanatic, and it would be fun for others like me.

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