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Lego City Railway Goods Depot


Lego City Railway Goods Depot  
This model set
This is a model of a typical railway goods loading/unloading depot found in many towns and cities throughout the land.

The model shown here includes a set of railway workers, a drop side goods wagon, several platform trolleys of the type used from around the 1950s onwards and electric lighting. Many goods depots operated throughout the night which required an appropriate level of lighting across the working areas.

This model is fitted with the Lego Technic Power Functions lighting system consisting of Battery Pack M8881, several LED M8870 and Extension Cable M8871 packs. The depot has external lighting in the form of simulated floodlighting on both the railway platform side and lorry loading bay side, and internal lighting to simulate the general illumination associated with ceiling lights. The roof of the depot has transparent sky lights which also emit light in the dark in a similar manner to the real thing. Several pictures have been taken in a low background light condition to show the effectiveness of the depot lighting. 

Although the model shown here includes several examples of the Scammell Scarab delivery vehicle, any of the existing Lego City delivery vehicles will work just as well. Similarly, the workmen figures could easily be replaced with a Lego Mini Figure set if required. Also shown is a drop side railway goods wagon which may be integrated with any of the existing Lego railway goods wagons.

The basic goods depot includes the loading/unloading bay, an office building with opening doors and outside lighting and an additional store house to disguise the M8881 battery box (the battery box switch is accessed through the blue doors, and battery box removal is via a rear door). Although disguising the battery box as a store house does make the model look a bit more realistic, it may be omitted to simplify things and keep the cost down. Also included are two short lengths of railway track and two buffer stops with illuminated red stop lamps (M8870).

The appeal
The overall aim of this set is to produce a model of a typical railway goods depot that may be produced as one large set including road and rail vehicles, and with a full lighting kit as shown here, or as several smaller sets building up into the full set.

This model set is intended to be sufficiently accurate to appeal to the older collector and young builder. The inclusion of electric lighting enhances the overall appeal of the model to the older collector and younger builder, and also introduces a heightened play experience for the young builder. 

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