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Legend of Gnome Island


Thanks as always for the view, drop me a link as always if you have and idea you would like my evaluation on. I will look at it for sure. 

This build is under 3000 pieces and includes eight mini figures (four each side) and eight animals, which ranges across six different species.

Legend of Gnome Island.

I have always liked that traveling gnome from televison and he and many of his ceramic brothers like him in gardens all across the known world inspired this build.

On a far off long lost island in a time long since forgotten, lived two dueling races of little gnomes. Much like the Hatfield and McCoys from the 19th century American history books, no one can even remember why the one side does not like the other or vice versa. The one group was dark and evil, and liked the forest growth to show their true colors, and remain dark like the swamp in which they dwell. Where as the good gnomes loved to plant trees and maintain their homes and gardens, all while living off the land in peace and tranquility in their mushroom house village. 

The good green gnome is on his way across the bridge in lead picture on a snail mount, to tell the evil gnomes that the sea turtle close to their shoreline will not be tolerated. The snail rider should get there just before dark, if he is lucky.

All nine trees in this build is a unique design, different from the next, including the evil gnomes black tree house, which now has a front door and can accompidate mini figures inside.

Each faction of gnomes has their own mounts.

1. Two snails red and blue

2. A red centipede which is completetly hinged and flexible for many poses.

3.Two giant swamp rats one white and one black.

4. One armadillo,

5. One sea pelican.

 6. One sea turtle.

Six different species, and eight total mounts to accomidate each of the four figures on each side of the island. 

The Mushroom huts have functionable doors, as again does the mini dark tree house on the evil gnomes side of the island.

I designed this set purely for the fun and playability, as well as the comical angle. I also wanted to capture the fantasy feel of a small world with a bit of  a Alice in Wonder land theme to it all. All be it there is a light and dark side angle present here, or the yin and yang if you will which is a microcasm for the entire universe. I hope you really like this set, if so vote much appreciated!