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LEGO DC Universe Superheroes: Scarecrow's Secret Lab.

Scarecrow is one of Batman's villians, that we haven't seen alot of. He is a phychiatrist known as Dr. Johnathon Crane. He studies chemistry and phychology but specializes withfear and emotions. Creating a fear toxin that makes you hallucinate your worst fear, Crane became known as the scarecrow and uses the toxin on enemies like Batman. In this set you get a gas chamber for " patients" Scarecrow is testing on, a lab to make the fear toxin and a computer bay. Approx. 130 pieces, 2 minifigures. This set would be about $20.00

Comes with 2 minifigures: Black Suited Batman and Scarecrow.

Lab: 2 floors, head, brain, generator, fan, tube, machine to make fear toxin, pot.

Gas Chamber: Opening door, 3 windows, stairs.

Computer bay: 3 computers, swivel chair, alert sign.