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Wipeout 3: Goteki 45 vs. Team Feisar


Welcome to the future of racing! Start your engines with two iconic craft from the FX7200 racing league in Wipeout3. It is Team FEISAR against Goteki45. Take on each other and the competition across the league.

With Team FEISAR craft coming in at 487 bricks (with stand), and Goteki 45 at 517 respectively, it is a great sized representation of the team craft from the gaming series Wipeout. The models come specifically from Wipeout 3. It’s roughly 1:35 scale with both ships being relatively similar in size. I choose these ships to model as I sought to challenge myself with replicating two of my favourite ships from the game.

Due to the limited details available I best replicated it as I could with some minor changes. The canopy is black on the team FEISAR model, However due to rendering and brick limiations I could not acuratley reflect both canopies 100% I would love custom moulded canopies to represent each ship. In the meantime I have hand illustrated sticker decals to emulate the original canopies as best as possible.

The angles were difficult to replicate and I’m hoping it is structurally sound with the supports I have used. A minifigure is included for both ships, and does fit, although with extremely limited space for each craft. The pilot and design with team logos is decorated with the teams main sponsors, and there will be stickers for decals for logos and wing trims. Both craft have a stand that it can be displayed on and have movable air brakes. The canopies are designed to open with minimal effort.

Hopefully you enjoy my rendition of the craft with my minor tweaks. I’ve tried stay as true as possible with the design whilst keeping the size and piece count in mind. With the original project failing to reach its first milestone, I felt it wothwhile to design one more ship and give this project another go increasing the playability with an extra ship and minifigure. Hopefully old and young can relieve nostalgia and enjoy a Lego rendition of a gaming classic. 

With the piece count, I am hoping this will be in the $100 to $120 USD price range. I wanted to keep this set affordable whilst retaining detail.

Thank you for your support and please feel free to check out my other projects.


See you on the racetrack!

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